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Websites by Hunter Creative Group Web Designers
Websites by Hunter Creative Group Web Designers


Website & Graphic Design Copyright Information

As with anything, there are rules, rights and responsibilities that you need to be aware of when it comes to a customized website design or graphics that are created or modified by us.

The website fee that is initially paid covers only the set-up of a company's information and images into a customized website design. Even though we take the time to create and customize a website design (including creating or modifying certain graphics or logos), specifically for a business or individual, Hunter Creative Group retains all legal copyrights to the actual website design and graphics - including any buttons, images, and/or logos, that we create or modify for use in the design of a website, unless specifically purchased at time of website creation.

As a client of our web hosting and web management services, you have the right to use the customized website design, graphics, buttons, and/or logos, at no additional cost, to represent your company, for as long as you continue web hosting and/or website management services with Hunter Creative Group. However, we do not allow modifications, of any kind, to our work.

Respectively, Hunter Creative Group's copyright must show on the bottom of every website page that we design, in it's entirety and at all times, with a link back to our website. This can only be removed once the website design is actually purchased.

In the event you discontinue using Hunter Creative Group's web hosting and/or website management services, you may use the logo and any other images that you originally sent to us during the creation process. However, you will no longer be able to use the website design or any of the modified graphics, logos, or other images, in any way, shape, or form, unless the full copyrights are purchased from Hunter Creative Group.

You can purchase the website design, logo, and/or other graphics by contacting us. Once a website design, logo, or other graphic is purchased, the owner receives full copyrights to the purchased item and will be notified if additional copyrights are need to be purchased or transferred (such as for specifically purchased graphics for a particular website).

The website design, graphics, logos, etc., may not be copied or transferred, in any way, without prior approval from Hunter Creative Group.


Websites by Hunter Creative Group Web Designers

Websites by Hunter Creative Group Web Designers
Websites, Designs, Web Hosting & More ... Call (319) 334-7139

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