If You're Not Using Email Marketing Campaigns, You're Missing Out!

Did you ever wonder how companies send out those nice, professional-looking emails to your email inbox? Have you wanted to do something like that without spending a fortune?

Well, you can ... and, you should!!! Many companies are using this great marketing tool because it is one of the most cost-effective ways to drive new traffic and customers to your website.

Email Ad Campaigns are an Inexpensive, yet, Highly Effective Way to Advertise!

With email ad campaigns, you can send out as many professional emails to as many customers as you want. The cost for each email campaign, at Hunter Creative Group, is the same ... regardless of whether you send your email advertisement to 1 person or 1,000,000 people.

It's so easy to make these advertising campaigns work for you! Your company can send out these promotional emails even if you don't know a thing about coding.

What are Professional Bulk Email Ad Campaigns?

Professional bulk email ad campaigns are extremely inexpensive yet they are specifically-targeted professional-looking marketing emails that are sent to your own private customer lists. They can go to your current customers, past customers, potential customers, or anyone else you think would like hearing about your marketing promotion.

How much do professional bulk email ad campaigns cost?

There are many website companies that can help you set-up your email campaign. However, fees vary greatly from one email marketer to the next so we suggest shopping around. Often times, they will charge per email that is sent out (which will add up very quickly) but, at Hunter Creative Group, our initial set-up fee is only $100.00 for your entire email ad promotion.

Our professional email ad campaigns can be sent to as many customers as you want to and it will still be just the initial cost for the ad promotion set-up ... regardless of whether you send the email advertisement to 1 person or 100,000 people.

When should I send out professional bulk email ad campaigns?

You should send out email ad campaigns any time that you want to get your information out to the people that are looking for your products or services - or, perhaps, just remind them that you are still here - waiting for their repeat business.

What is the process of sending out email ad campaigns?

The process is very simple and each company doing web promotions may have different ways to accomplish this but for explaining purposes, we'll explain it the way we do at Hunter Creative Group when we set up ad campaigns for companies.

First, you'll send us your marketing promotion information and we'll create a custom-made template with your branding and advertising on it. When it's created, we'll send the template to you for approval. Then, once you check it over and approve it, we'll show you how you can send it to your specific target audience. It's really just as simple as sending an email.

Why do I have to send out the emails?

The reason that we recommend that you be the one to send your own promotions out is so that your customer list remains private. No company will get their hands on your marketing list (and your list can never be sold). Customers do not like it when their personal information is sold or given out - and most people hate getting spam and unsolicited mail. So, guard your customer list with your life! :-) When you send out your promotional advertisements, you ensure that you retain full control over who will get this marketing promotion and your customer lists remain private.

However, if you don't want to send out your own promotions, just ask your web company to send them out for you, on your behalf. I would also suggest making it very clear that your customer list is to remain confidential. If the web company cannot guarantee that, then find another company. Losing customers to an information leak is not worth the headache. Always use a reputable web company that you can trust to stand behind their word!

Remember - people are looking for your products or services. Advertising via email campaigns just reminds them that you are still here - waiting for their repeat business.