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One Great Way to Market Your Business Inexpensively - How often is it that you find a really great advertising product that markets your business inexpensively AND effectively - or one that everyone else hasn't already used so many times? Let me tell you about a little secret that we found - and - IT WORKS WONDERS!

It is rare that you come across a really great and unusual marketing item. Let me inform you of one that we found that really does do double-duty.

The thing I am talking about is an envelope. Wait, before you hit the back button out of this page, just read a few more lines. Yes, it is an envelope, BUT ... it is an envelope that has a window. Now, I know what you're thinking, this just ISN'T worth reading. And, normally, I'd agree with you. BUT ... THIS time, however, you're WRONG. :-)

Let me explain. It's not just a window envelope, it's a window envelope with a POCKET. The fact that it has a pocket is not that big of deal (by itself) BUT ... this pocket window is where the return address should go. It looks like a normal business envelope except that it has your business card where the return address should be. This really stands out, ESPECIALLY, if your business cards are colored or have attention-grabbing looks. Heck, even white business cards stand out using these envelopes. People automatically take notice of them because they are different.

Ahh, pretty neat, eh ?! These are the coolest envelopes I've ever seen, as far as marketing goes, anyway. You can put a business card in the pocket behind the window and it holds your business card snugly until it arrives in the intended person's hands.

The great thing about these are that once the envelope leaves your hands, you can bet people will notice it ... everyone from the postal employees to the final recipient (and I'm guessing they will point out how neat it is to their co-workers, too, just because they are not common envelopes that you see all the time), and everyone in between. Then, once the recipient opens up teh envelope, they can easily pull out the business card and put it in their rolodex, for future use. From there, every time they use their rolodex, they will be reminded of your business.

How often is it that something so inexpensive can bring such attention to your business? How neat is that !?! We can't attach a photo to this article, but you can see an example of the envelope on our website at:

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