You CAN Make Money "As Seen On TV" with Advertising Profits!

That's right ... I said YES !!! ... YOU CAN MAKE MONEY and Earn ADVERTISING PROFITS with Affiliate Marketing.

You've all seen those late night or early morning infomercials and that little entrepreneur in all of us has been curious about them at one time or another, right? We all know that if these programs actually worked, we'd all be doing them. It's only natural. After all, who wouldn't want to 'get rich quick' especially if we didn't have to do anything to get that money?

But, wait ... Now, I'm going to contradict myself because this is a review of get rich quick advertising for profits schemes that are "As Seen On TV" (in general). I have yet to come across a legitimate advertising for profits program off the television.

So, what am I talking about then ???

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This review of Advertising for Profits is on the programs that I have heard complaints on, in general. The truth is ... YES, you can actually make advertising profits with affiliate marketing on your website. However, the other truth is ... you (most likely) will not be able to make money with the typical scam programs that I have heard about and seen from the "As Seen On TV" infomercials.

If you really want to make money, you're not going to do it by paying someone else to have a duplicate of their website and then you end up doing all the advertising. Bear with me while I go into greater detail on everything. It's going to be a long article.

See, the problem here is ... in reality, YOU are the one that is doing the work for THEM, even though you don't realize it. They are the ones profiting from your advertising efforts from the website that you buy from them.

If you want to be successful with advertising profits or affiliate marketing (like you're promised on those "As Seen On TV" infomercials), you need to bypass their products and services and go directly to the source. Cut out the middle man. You'll need to do some actual things for yourself. Here is the absolute rundown on what you need to do to succeed at Advertising Profits or Affiliate Marketing - just like what is advertised on the infomercials but - even better - because I'm giving you the (FREE) secrets to do it directly for yourself. You will not be doing work for anyone else to reap the benefits of your advertising efforts.

Just for clarification, though, before I go any further. Some of you still may not know exactly what I'm talking about even now. So, I'll back up and explain what affiliate marketing actually means. Affiliate Marketing is when you put advertisements on your website for money. Each advertiser (or company) that puts ads on your website, will pay you to display their information in the hopes that it will draw people away from your website to visit their website so that they can earn money from online sales.

To show you what advertisments can look like, I've placed some ads on this page. The first two ads that you'll see is for my own ad - for some cool business card marketing envelopes that will help you advertise your business easily. There is a banner ad and a text link.

The other ads, on this page, are through an affiliate program. The different types of ads will help to show you that there are differences between getting ads directly from a company, which can take you to a different page on the same website, or using an affiliate program that provides you with the ads (where you display links to many various companies through them).

You can either make the advertisements stand out or you can make them blend in, depending on your personal preferences and which ones seem to work best for you. You, also, have the choice to use text ads or image ads - or a combination of both. It doesn't matter. You can see the different styles that are available for websites throughout this page ... and you can pretty much use any color for their wording to help it blend in with your website. You can put them anywhere that you want as long as you follow certain guidelines set forth by the advertisers.

Ok, with that very basic background and an idea of exactly what affiliate marketing is now, here is where you will see the difference between the infomercials advertising for profits products and services and the way you can go about getting this set up for yourself ... legitimately and without having to pay someone else huge chunks of money for this information:

  • Get your OWN website. You do not need to pay someone else to make your website if you know some coding. A little coding knowledge goes a long way. However, if you don't have the time or desire to learn how to build a website, there are many website designers that can make a website for you. Hunter Creative Group would be happy to help you with this. However, regardless of where you get your website, it is always good to check around to see the products and services that are out there and do some website comparison shopping. You will want a designer that CLEARLY specifies ALL costs before they even start working on a website for you. Otherwise, you could start with an inexpensive $99.00 website that ends up costing you thousands of dollars more than you bargained for. Be sure you know exactly what you are getting into before you start. .
  • Fill YOUR website with LOTS of ORIGINAL and UNIQUE information. It helps if there isn't too much specific information already out there on the subject. Make your website about something that YOU specialize in or have special knowledge about. If your website has duplicate or very similar information or is a copy of another website, YOUR website will not rank highly in the search engines. You want your own unique (original) content and information for best results. It helps if you have a specialty or niche. In other words, find something that is hard to find on the internet, that other people would be interested in and make a website about it. This will help you to get a good amount of targeted traffic. Good information is the key to a good website. Even if it's a topic that many have written about - you can use that but describe it in YOUR OWN WORDS. Give the readers your version - never copy another website. There are strict copyright laws that ensure people do not plagiarize another's information. It would be a big mistake to ignore these laws because it would be a huge issue to have to deal with a copyright infringement lawsuit in a federal court.
  • Optimize your website for search engines, as well - if not more importantly, for people. This will give your website a boost - which results in more targeted traffic and more advertising profits to your website automatically. Organic (natural) traffic is the best kind of traffic in order for you to have high advertising profits from your website. Targeted traffic (from an optimized website) is the best kind of traffic to have if you are selling anything on your website, since these visitors will give you the highest conversion rate of sales. If you don't understand search engine optimization techniques and don't have the time or desire to learn how to optimize your website, we will be happy to help you. Hunter Creative Group Websites are made using search engine optimization techniques incorporated throughout each step of the design process. Our websites are also made specifically for each of our clients so we customize each website to look exactly like you want it to look.
  • After your website is created and optimized, put advertising on it. That is the point of doing one of these advertising profits programs, right? So after your website is created with optimization (and you have started getting a good amount of website traffic), you can put advertising on your website and earn profits from doing nothing other than marketing your website. So, as seen on tv, you will then choose an advertising company and add their advertisements to your website. One of the biggest advertising affiliate partners to work with is Google. Unfortunately, what the scam artists on the infomercials are not telling you, most likely, is that they are taking part of your advertising profits for themselves. Now, there may be a legitimate informercial products that are trying to sell legitimate advertising profit information ... but, to date, I have not come across one of them yet. So, in essence, what I have found is that you are getting just a small fraction of the advertising profits that are due to you - and, to top it off, YOU ARE PAYING TO ADVERTISE YOUR WEBSITE - WHICH THEN PAYS THEM THE MOST ADVERTISING PROFITS. THEY get rich while you waste your money. Do you see the trick here??? Many people are scammed daily by this, so if you have been, don't feel ashamed - you are not the only un-educated soul out there. These scammers are really good at getting money out of people - even people that know better. Hunter Creative Group actually does put advertisements on client's websites, but ONLY when requested ... however, the difference is that we use the CLIENT's own affiliate account to set up their advertising for them so there is no chance of you not receiving your FULL ADVERTISING PROFITS - YOUR ACCOUNT - YOUR Advertising Payment DIRECT FROM THE ADVERTISER. Then, once we have it all set up, we turn it ALL over to you, after we set it up. We have nothing further to do with it except analyze and update the website ads if the website ads are not performing well. We'll change out and tweak the website advertising to get the website to perform better - this takes experimenting with each website - and ONLY if you request this. If you know nothing about coding, I highly recommend that you have someone analyze and update your website ads on a periodic basis or you could end up with a messed up website. One single "<" or ">" (or any other coding character off), and your website may not show correctly. We offer this service to website owners, only when requested. This comes in handy when your ads are not doing well and they need to be revised based on marketing, advertising placement, and website traffic.
  • Drive Web Traffic (People) to Your Website. Ok, so now you've got your website up, optimized, and you have the advertisements on your website (from your own Affiliate Advertising Account). With the affiliate ads placed on each of your web pages, the next step is to drive traffic to your website - Yes, you've got it ... You must now market your website. There are many things that you can do to drive web traffic/people/visitors to your website. And, the best part is that you can do most of it without spending a dime on advertising. This is where it gets tricky since you don't want to PAY for advertising your website so that you can RECEIVE advertising bonuses. Get the picture here? You want FREE WEBSITE TRAFFIC so that you can PROFIT from your website advertisements - thus Advertising PROFITS! You just have to know where to go to get free advertising. When we build your website, we give you FREE information on how to market your website. Why do we do this? ... the answer is simple! ... We WANT you to succeed. WHY do we care about your site once we've already performed our services and have been paid ... the answer is simple ... because when you succeed, that ensures that you will be happy with our services and, in turn, you'll give us great word of mouth advertising. See how that works - we are not profiting from helping you except that we might get another custom website to design for someone else. When you are happy, we are happy - it's just plain and simple, good business sense.
  • There are, also, additional ways to increase natural traffic to your website besides marketing. When Hunter Creative Group custom designs a website for you, we'll give you recommendations to do to/for your website. These are simple seo techniques/things that you implement to help improve your website ranking in the search engine results. Our suggestions will build upon the strong base that we provide for your website when we design it. Anything that you do (from our list of suggestions) will help you to continue to maximize your ability to earn profits from your website for many years to come. It is a building process to ensure natural and organic website traffic so that your sales from your product or service will benefit - and, naturally benefit your advertising profits, in the process. This list has additional search engine optimization techniques that go above and beyond what we do for your website. They are not required but they will help. The list of suggestions are not hard to do and can be done by anyone, however, they will require your time to implement. After all, nothing is free ... your time will be the committment required to make a profit with your website.
  • A word of caution, though ... if you don't do anything to market your own website using the FREE and EASY list of suggestions that we give you when we design your website, I can guarantee that you will not get as high of results as you are looking for. We give you the list of suggestions and techniques to implement so that it will help you to market your business for free but they do take time to put into action. The good news is, though, that once it's done, it's done and will only continue to help you build your website foundation stronger with each recommendation or technique that you do. If you are not willing to help your website by giving your time and doing the suggested list of recommendations, your website will not give you maximum results. Sure, it may still give you some advertising profits, but it won't be maximum advertising profits. Realistically, and logically, the more work put into your website - Yes, I said WORK, the more benefits you will receive from your website. One other point is, that when we design your website, this includes free consultation during the entire life of your website, as long as you remain hosting on our servers. We have very affordable and superior quality web hosting to ensure that your website does not have downtime, errors, or server crashes.
  • Another word of caution, don't expect to get rich quick. Nothing can promise to get you rich quick ... if it does, I would back away immediately and run the other way before it takes your money. Logically, if it actually did work like they said, everyone would be rich by now and there would be no need for those infomercials to keep running on tv. Word spreads like wildfire and no one would still need it, at this point, if it did as it promised. Unfortunately, from what I've read, most people get taken and after doing extensive research about the honest reviews out there, I can see why. If you go into Advertising for Profit with the mindset that this is a supplemental income ONLY, you will be ok. It could, in reality, make you rich ... but most likely, not immediately and not without your investment of work and time. You have to have the correct mindset from the start or you will be disappointed. You might have earnings the first day you implement the ads. I put the ads on my first website in one afternoon and started to see earnings from the ads the very next day. However, there is no guarantee when you advertise for profit. It may take you 1 day or it might take you 30 days before your websites starts earning money for you. No one can guarantee when your website will earn you money but (if you have a website of interest to people) it (most likely) will earn you some money. One advantage that I had when I first placed ads on my site was that my website was already established so I already had natural (and targeted) traffic visiting my website. I have, also, put affiliate advertising on newer websites and do receive earnings off of those, too, right away. It just depends on your website niche and if people are interested in your information. Good website content (information) is the key to good earnings.

So, there you have it ... the 'As-Seen-On-TV' ads that I have (personally) seen and heard about for affiliate marketing appear to be scams because you have to buy their 'programs' at outrageous prices to get this information. But, YES ... if you have a website, you CAN earn money by advertising on your websites for profit - it is 100% legitimate and a nice supplemental income, if done in the correct way.

As a matter of fact, once your website gets large enough - or just good enough to get steady targeted traffic - and with lots of helpful information for your visitors on your specific topic, Affiliate Advertising may become a second choice of advertising. Once your website is large enough and more well-known, you may have actual companies contacting you directly to place their ads on your website. This is legitimate and it does happen. This is where the better money comes in. Once your website has high volume of naturally targeted traffic, your website will have the opportunity to earn even greater results for you. Of course, this will take quite a bit of work on your part to make your website well-known, but it will be well worth it, if you can make that happen. I recommend affiliate advertising for the smaller websites just starting out because it can bring in large companies that your website would not otherwise be able to earn money with.

My recommendation to anyone that has ever thought about buying a 'get rich quick' program like off of an infomercial on the tv or internet ... SAVE YOUR MONEY and EARN money the LEGITIMATE way. You don't need a program to help you earn money ... you just need knowledge. Browse through the internet for anything that will help you to learn how to optimize and monetize your website.

With time and effort you COULD be earning quite a bit from advertising profits on your own - WITHOUT having to pay someone else a residual fee for their services. Good luck - chasing 'The Dream' ... just be smart about it and do it the RIGHT way ... you will be MUCH better off in the long run!

If you are interested in getting a free website consultation to help your struggling website - or if you are interested in getting a new website made, please contact us for a Free Website Consultation and to see how you can get started with affiliate marketing today ... the right way.

"As Seen On TV" Informercial Curiosity (6/16/2011)

Ok, so it's early morning and I couldn't sleep. Anthony Morrison's infomercial on 'Advertising Profits from Home' was on again. I've wanted to review his product and give his business a fair review ... BUT ... this is how it went:

A couple issues, from the start ... first, it was NOT a human-operated number. You are calling an automated machine ... an automated calling machine with major flaws.

The first issue was that it would not accept my phone number - it kept wanting to add an extra number in that wasn't even in my phone number. I spent probably 5 minutes trying everything before I gave up and put in my cell phone number.

Throughout that whole issue, I tried the usual words for automated systems, like: help, customer service, agent, etc. It was to no avail. There was no one that was going to help me. I even tried to say 'Cancel' but it would not understand that ... so, I continued on.

The second issue was, it tried to (automatically) upgrade me for this ($39.95 the first time). I said NO and it went on this long spiel again. I said 'NO' again.

The third issue, that was the deal-breaker for me, was another 'offer' to upgrade. This one, I think it was $189.00. After the second upgrade, which I declined ... it told me I had actually accepted, so I hung up the phone right away and called my credit card company immediately to cancel the transaction - AND, my credit card. I didn't even finish the phone call to see what else I would be suckered into, but it was too late - they already had all of my information. You need that as the very first information or you don't proceed.

I have never dealt with an infomercial ordering system as confusing and messed up as this one was ... and I think I have most everything off the infomercials network. Anthony Morrison, if you are out there reading this ... I would LOVE to try your infomercial products ... at the $19.95 plus the $9.95 shipping and handling price ... BUT ... with your phone ordering system, there is no way I would consider going through the process again. It was just too sneaky - nor, would I (at this point), even feel comfortable giving you my credit card information for fear of recurring charges later on down the road.

So, I'm still not sure how the program works, but ... I'm guessing that if you have to sign up for all the other stuff, it must not work too well. There's always a ways for them to get your money. My recommendation on Anthony Morrison's advertising profits, as it is right now, would be to NOT try it ... but, this is just my experience with 'trying' to get his products. I can only imagine what a nightmare it could be if I'm having to deal with issues from the start.

MY ADVICE ... if you want to make advertising profits from home, get a REAL website - not a duplicate of anyone's website but your own individual website. We have all kinds of webites, ranging in price - these are all customized websites that come with customer service and tutorials. Some, you set it up with your unique content (whatever interests you - a hobby, a business, general information, etc) and some we set up for you. Once you have a website, we'll help get you set up with your own ads, if that's what you want to do.

Or, if you're not interested in building a website, you can buy an already completed website at Iowa-Host. You can contact them for details on what's currently available. Buying one of these sites, if any are of interest to you, would help you get started within 24 hours because they are already up and running. A title transfer is nothing more than getting payment and transferring ownership of the domain name and web hosting. I would recommend, if buying an already completed website, that you add more to the content and keep growing it continuously. The more uniquely original content you have on your website, the larger the website will grow, and the easier it will be for search engines to keep finding your website (and with more searches). Search engines LOVE new information and website content!