Costs for Website Management and Maintenance

Save on Website Updating Services

Our website designers work very hard to ensure that no costs are ever more than they should be. We rely on word of mouth referrals and, as such, we do what it takes to make each task efficient and cost-effective for our clients.

For website management or maintenance services, we charge on either a "Non-Guaranteed Rate" or a "Guaranteed Rate" basis.

Please note: These fees do not apply to our custom programmers (for example, if you needed specific structural custom-code programming to change the actual web program - not for normal changes to a website).

Non-Guaranteed Rate: "Pay As You Go"

The Non-Guaranteed Rate is a 'pay as you go' plan based on a per hour rate. We charge for the amount of time used only. Our standard rate is $20.00 per hour for normal website updates (not requiring custom programming / functional changes).

Guaranteed Yearly Rate: "Best Rate Possible"

The Guaranteed Rate is charged on a yearly basis. It includes 24 hours of maintenance and updating services for the website each year at a cost of $360.00/year. This averages out to 2 hours of maintenance and updating services each month at a lower rate of just $15.00 per hour.

If you choose to go with the guaranteed rate, any amount of work performed over and above the 24 hours (if additional time is needed) is billed at the same minimal $15.00 per hour rate. Because we try our best to perform maintenance and updating services at an efficient pace, 95% of our clients never require further time. And, generally - if they do require more time, it is because they have requested overall structural changes to the website.

In order to get the Guaranteed Rate Discount, this must be decided at the beginning of the work performed period and must be pre-paid (in full) ahead of time.

Please note that the 24 Guaranteed Rate Hours can be used at any time throughout the year and does not have to be used as 2 hours each month. It is only stated as 2 hours each month because that's a typical amount of time to spend on a website (on average throughout the whole year).

We do recommend going with the Guaranteed Rate Plan the first year and then you can change it the next year, if you don't think you will be needing as many services. The first year of the website will require the most changes, which is why we recommend the guaranteed hours during the initial year.

You can use the 24 hours anywhere the websites needs it - such as: adding new information to pages, adding new pages, updating information, updating to the latest version of code, etc. It can even include giving you more detailed analytical information about your website each month.

Advantages of Using Website Updating Services

Some of the major advantages of using the Website Management and Maintenance Services are:

  1. Save money on normal website services.
  2. Be aware of any expected changes that could negatively affect your website - such as: the "Panda Update" that started in February of 2011; the "Penguin Update" that started in April of 2012; and, more recently, Google's threat to penalize and demote websites that are not mobile-friendly. Website demoting has started as of May of 2015.
  3. Get more detailed analytics and information about your website.

We think you will find Hunter Creative Group's website maintenance and website management fees very affordable and inexpensive, when compared with competitors.