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Websites by Hunter Creative Group Web Designers
Websites by Hunter Creative Group Web Designers


Custom-Designed Professional Full-Color Business Cards

Custom Business Cards for Hunter Creative Group.

Scans of Custom-Designed
Business Card
Frontside (above) and Backside (below)

Customized Business Cards can be personalized on the back with a custom message.

These customized, full-color business cards were made specifically to match the Hunter Creative Group website, as well as, our other custom advertising and marketing items.

We, specifically, create all of our promotional items to match our website and logo because this helps to build our brand. We highly suggest continuity between online and offline promotional materials as this helps to familiarize your potential clients with your company and encourages company awareness and product recognition at a glance.

The actual size of these business cards is the standard size (approximately 2" x 3 1/2"). We use a variety of finishes (high gloss, gloss, flat, etc), depending on the style of the business card and what will turn out the best, on high-quality business card stock paper.

The customized full-color business cards that you order, for your business, can be purchased in just about any quantity.

As you can see, we have added a personalized note on the back side of our business cards. This can be any customized message that you want. In my opinion, it just adds that special something to give it more of a personal touch.

We can create custom business cards for you. Just send us a good digital copy of your company logo, image, or photograph and business information. By having us create your business cards, you save time, money, ink, electricity, manpower, and frustration. We can do it quickly and professionally. Let us help you!

It will take up to 48 hours to design the business cards before you have a digital proof to inspect.

After your inspection and approval of the proof, you'll have your order printed and delivered to you within 10-14 business days.

If you have any questions or would like to have some customized full-color business cards designed, please feel free to contact us.

Here are some more actual scans of full-color business cards that we've designed (below) with testimonials. You can view each of the business cards up close by clicking on the images:

Custom Designed Professional Business Cards  

"... the business cards are AMAZING …. love them!!!"
Tracy E., The Green Tree Frog Skin Care, LLC


Also, Try Our
Business Card Marketing Envelopes

Envelopes with Clear Window for Business Cards

Click on the image of the envelope (above) to learn more about these great advertising
and marketing envelopes made specifically for business cards!

The above is an actual scan of our business card marketing envelopes with
one of our actual business cards shown in the window. Please note that the size is not
accurate since we had to shrink it down to show on this page.
This is a standard-sized business envelope.


Websites by Hunter Creative Group Web Designers

Websites by Hunter Creative Group Web Designers
Websites, Designs, Web Hosting & More ... Call (319) 334-7139

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