Domain Name Registrations & Renewals

If you have a business name, and know what domain name you prefer, you can let us know and we will get it registered for you. Or, you can go to Iowa-Host and search for a domain name yourself.

If you have Hunter Creative Group register your domain name for you, then you do not need to remember to renew your domain every year because we will automatically renew it for you and then bill you with your annual web hosting. We have found that our clients prefer this so that they do not need to keep track of domain renewal dates. Nor, do they need to be worried about the large number of domain name scams that are floating around in emails.

Or, if you would like to register a domain name on your own, you can visit the following page to learn how to get a domain name. However, if you get your own domain name, you will be in charge of remembering the domain renewal date so that you can be sure to renew it before it expires. Once a domain name has expired, there isn't much that can be done to get it back so be aware and write the domain name expiration / renewal date down so that you can renew it at the appropriate time.