Easy-to-Use Starter Websites - (CMS) Content Management Systems

CMS websites, or otherwise known as 'Content Management Systems', can be great ... if you know what you're doing. They work well for small starter websites - like if you just need something set up quickly until you can afford a 'custom website'. However, there is a downfall to doing this since you are going to have to replace it eventually. So, you might as well just start your website off right and go with a custom website, from the start. A custom website will help to give your website the best chance for success!

WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal and the three most popular types of content management systems. From our experience, these can be easily hacked so you should always be aware that your site could end up deleted one day due to malware or viruses. If this happens, and there is not a clean backup, you will have lost all of your website information and all of your hard work. Be very careful if you go with a content management system. Always make sure you have the latest updates and hope nothing goes wrong!

Content Management Systems were Originally Used for Personal Websites

We do not recommend using them for any type of commercial business, governments, or other official entities. However, with that said, there are a lot of websites using them as company websites. And, there are a lot of 'web designers' who are creating websites with them and passing them off as 'custom websites'. Be aware and know what type of website you're actually getting.

The BEST Option for CMS Websites:
Custom Websites WITH CMS Information Imported

At Hunter Creative Group, we create custom websites WITH the content management system information imported directly in to the custom website. This gives you the best of both worlds - a custom website with a great design and search engine optimization AND an easy-to-use content management system!

With a custom website that imports the cms information, you can edit some of the information on your website - but, you won't be able to directly affect the overall look of the page.

Our custom websites with the cms information imported, rank higher in the searches because we are able to use the custom design to our advantage and add search engine optimization techniques implemented directly in to each page of the website design. This is a huge advantage over just a simple cms website that you can get anywhere!