E-Commerce Shopping Cart Websites

To get the most sales from your online store, you should use a website designer and/or web developer that specializes in search engine optimization, like Hunter Creative Group. This will ensure your online store is created for the best chance of success because you will get the best custom design for your business with the added bonus of website optimization.

At Hunter Creative Group, we create your shopping cart website with search engine optimization techniques implemented throughout the design process of your new website store. And, we teach you how to add products so that you continue to optimize for your website. The more products that you have in your online store, the better your chances of getting found and coming up higher in the searches - pending, you add them as we initially teach you so that your efforts are maximized with very little work.

Not all Shopping Carts are Created Equally

Before we begin the design and set-up process for the shopping cart software, we make sure we choose the correct shopping cart software that is right for your business. We ensure that your website is compatible with your merchant account and your shipping methods.

We prefer to use tried and true shopping cart software that we have fully tested and that (we have found) give our clients the best experience when using them. The shopping carts that we use are very simple to add, edit, or remove products and have great reporting capabilities for sales. Plus, our preferred shopping cart software allows for the best customized designs because they maximize our design options and we have more control over the software code.

Secure Shopping Cart Payment Processing Abilities

Any time you have sensitive data being transmitted over the internet, you need to ensure you are using a secure website that encrypts data and sensitive information.

If you are opening up an online store that uses a shopping cart, you will need to get an SSL Certificate to ensure that your website data cannot be intercepted by any unscrupulous hackers.

When we set-up your e-commerce/shopping cart website, we'll need to set-up your payment processing methods. Depending on what shopping cart software we use, we will set it up with the whichever payment methods you plan to accept online. The most common way that we (normally) set-up payments is for the shopping cart to use PayPal or using a merchant account.

Need a merchant account so you can accept credit card payments ?

Don't worry ... just let us know and we'll put you in touch with a great representative who we work with quite a bit. Bill has saved our web clients a LOT of money over their current merchant account rates. He works with one of the top Fortune 500 payment processing companies and gets much lower merchant account / payment processing rates for our clients. His track record has been 100%, so far ... so, if you're looking for lower rates, let us know and we'll pass your information along to Bill. Hey, it never hurts to check it out, anyway! There is no obligation.