Write Guest Posts to Increase Your Website Rank and Increase Your Website Exposure!

If you want to increase your online exposure, you should consider writing guest posts that relate to your specific website topic and send them to other websites for posting. Be sure, of course, to put your company name and a link on your article that points back to your website so that the search engines see your company as the "authority" and rank your website appropriately.

This will be good advertising for you because it's FREE (you can't beat free)!!! It will, also, help to increase your website traffic, website rank, marketing exposure, and overall visibility! Plus, other web masters will appreciate the fresh and new original content.

Some good guidelines to follow, when requesting to have your article posted on another website, are:

  • The content should be original and unique. Do not use materials from somewhere else because they are (automatically) copyrighted and you don't want to get in to copyright trouble when you are found out.
  • The content must be well-written and able to be understood easily. You are writing the guest posts for credibility so make sure that your article looks and sounds professional and makes you look like an expert. Hint: use spell-check if you need to.
  • The article content should be on something that relates to your business. For example, if we (Hunter Creative Group) were going to accept your web articles, your articles would need to relate to one of the following categories: Websites, Website Designs, Web Hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO / Website Optimization), Computers, Web Servers, IT Systems, Data Security, Photo and Document Scanning, Commercial Printing, Internet Marketing, Online Advertising, Email Marketing Campaigns, or something else that is complementary to one of those categories.
  • The content should be specific enough to make sure your expertise shows clearly.
  • Any specific examples that you can give are always helpful. People are very interested in learning about what has been tried and the true results of the outcome.

When you write great guest post articles, your readers are more apt to want to read more of what you've read and follow you online. This extra exposure can easily help your business to earn new customers!

To see sample guest posts that we, Hunter Creative Group, have written, check out our internet articles.