E-Commerce / OpenCart Shopping Cart Customizations

We'll Install, Design, and Set-Up the Initial Website

We've worked on many different shopping cart software systems over the past few years, and our most-preferred shopping cart is the e-commerce software system setup by OpenCart.

OpenCart is a powerful and robust open-source PHP-based online e-commerce solution (shopping cart system). It is user-friendly and feature-rich.

As a website designer, OpenCart's e-commerce software is very versatile and can be set up and designed in many different ways to accommodate virtually any business. If you need a great e-commerce shopping cart, this will work!

As a store owner, OpenCart gives you quite a few great options:

  • The OpenCart Shopping Cart is open source and FREE software - it doesn't get any better than this!
  • The OpenCart Shopping Cart e-commerce software provides you with an interface that is extremely easy to use and helps to improve your marketing strategy by giving you a great deal of valuable information about your visitors, customers and products.
  • The OpenCart Shopping Cart control panel will tell you which products are being looked at and which ones are not, which gives you important information that helps you analyze your business marketing strategy and enables you to turn things around and improve your overall sales.
  • The OpenCart Shopping Cart lets you easily create and send newsletters or email specials to your potential buyers and your current customers, both. OpenCart even lets you target specific customers (that have made certain purchases in the past) to improve your conversion rate.

In our experience, OpenCart is one of the most user-friendly shopping cart software systems on the market. Plus, as I said before ... the actual OpenCart e-commerce software is FREE!

If you'd like to have an OpenCart e-commerce website, but don't want to have to worry about learning how to design or manipulate it to get it to do what you want, contact us. We will be happy to install it, design it, and set it up with the initial setup customizations for your business.

We, typically charge a one-time fee for installation, design, and initial business set-up - this includes an over-the-phone tutorial to help you get comfortable and learn your way around the control panel. The tutorial generally takes about an hour.

Plus, we won't leave you hang ... if we are hosting your e-commerce website, and if you ever need support help with your shopping cart, we are here for you! Our OpenCart support is FREE. If you have your website hosted somewhere else, there is a fee for support and we cannot guarantee that it will be a good fit between the software requirements and the hosting (which may result in issues cropping up).