Email Ad Campaign Set-Up Help

Set-Up Your Email Ad Campaign Easily with the Help of Hunter Creative Group

It isn't hard to promote your business when you send out email advertisements - you just have to know how to do it. Once, you know how to get started, you can easily send them to your current customers, past customers, potential customers, or anyone else that you want to know about your marketing promotions.

Our initial set-up fee is only $100.00 per email ad promotion. You will be able to send this professional email to as many customers as you want to and it will still be just the initial cost for the ad promotion set-up ... regardless of whether you send your advertisement to 1 person or 100,000 people.

We Make Sending Out Email Ads Easy

We'll make it easy! If you can send out an email, you can easily send out your marketing emails.

Here is our typical routine, step-by-step, for setting up a promotional email marketing campaigns:

  • Give us your marketing/promotion information details.
  • We'll create a custom-made sales page, to match your website, that will include all of your advertising information.
  • We'll send you the advertising copy for inspection and approval.
  • If any corrections need to be made, the promotional email advertisements are updated to reflect the changes.
  • The final ad is approved.
  • Once the final ad is approved, you are given specific instructions on how to send the advertisement to all of your specific target audience at once. It's really just as simple as sending an email.

Plus, it's completely private because you will be the only one that has full control over your private customer (and potential-customer) lists and only you will know exactly who will be getting this marketing promotion. Because you will be the one mailing it out, your customers will remain completely private.