Inexpensive Online Advertising Using Banner Ads

Hunter Creative Group - Free Marketing for Life*Banner Ads are a simple, yet highly-effective way to promote your company's brand or service by targeting a specific demographic audience. Generally, they are an inexpensive way to advertise.

Banner ads can consist of an image (such as a company logo) with or without text. Once created, these ads are then placed on website pages to draw potential new clients to a particular business. When someone clicks on a banner ad, they are taken directly to the advertiser's website or web page that tells what the advertiser wanted them to know (such as the business name, the weekly special, the hours of operation, or other important information). For example, our banner ad on the right, will direct you to our portfolio page, when clicked on.

Banner ads are not all the same. There are many variations to banner advertisements - sizes, cost, rotating ads, the way you pay via clicks or purchases, etc. The particular size of our banner advertisement is 160 pixels wide x 500 pixels high but they can come in many different sizes.

There are also many internet companies out there willing to charge you a considerate amount for each time someone clicks on your advertisement or when your advertisement is shown in a 'rotation'. It doesn't matter if the person seeing your ad is interested or not - you may still have to pay for your image being shown.

At Hunter Creative Group, we do things a bit differently. Our goal is to give you maximum exposure. We will use your logo, image and/or wording to create a customized banner ad, specifically for your business, that will show continuously (not on a rotational basis) on several websites and take any prospective new customers to your information page or website page. Our cost is the same whether someone clicks on your ad 1 million times or only 10,000 times each month.

Most companies only show banner ads randomly. We show your banner advertisement continuously (24 hours per day) on several sites (that target your key audience) with traffic of 400+ unique page views per day. We will place your banner ad on websites for you so you get much more exposure for your business. The more websites that you have your banner advertisement on, the more exposure you get ... resulting in more possible clients for your business.

You don't need a website to buy a banner advertisement! It does help but is not a requirement. You can have your phone numbers or other contact information right on the banner ad. We could even set you up with a single informational page that allows your potential customers to click to a page that tells about your business or special.

Contact us today to start advertising your business - Your target market is looking for your products and/or services!