Ordering Digital Scanning Services via USPS Priority Mail

Ordering digital scanning services for your old pictures and documents is quick and easy (through the USPS Priority mail):

Step 1: Call us to let us know that you plan to send us your documents or photos for scanning to ensure that we are on the lookout for them.

Step 2: Send us your pictures and/or documents with the release form signed. Please follow these guidelines when sending your important photos and documents through the mail:

  • Print off our Release Form and submit with your photos or documents.
  • Put your items to be scanned in sealed, waterproof containers (Ziploc bags will work) so moisture does not ruin your photos.
  • Send them via USPS Priority Mail with Tracking so that you know when we receive them. Send us the tracking number from the UPSPS Priority Mail Label.
  • Professional pictures will not be copied unless proof is provided to us that you do own the full copyrights.

Step 3: Wait for confirmation. Once we have received your photos or documents, along with payment and release form, we will process your order. When everything is scanned, we will send you confirmation with tracking/delivery confirmation and send it all back to you.

Step 4: Watch your mail. All photos and digital copies will be mailed back to you with tracking within 2 weeks of us receiving your order. Note: We WILL notify you and give you the tracking information when we send them back to you so you can be sure to know exactly when they will arrive.