Digital Photo Scanning Services

We offer professional digital photo scanning services to anyone who wants to preserve your precious memories - the right way. We will take the time to make sure that we can give you the highest quality possible from your old photographs and pictures. We know that you took your pictures to remember those special memories and, we feel that, you should be able to keep them as long as possible without losing image quality.

Preserve Family Photos for Years to Come

It's sad to know, with each passing year, photographs disintegrate and break down - fading, losing sharpness and image quality. You probably won't notice it until one day you are looking at the picture and the characteristics of aging is very obvious.

If you have old photographs that are just lying around, do your family a favor and permanently digitize them onto a digital hard copy for permanent preservation of your favorite memories so that you can cherish and share them with future generations to come. The best way to preserve pictures or old photographs is to put them into digital copy form.

Advantages of Digital Photos

By digitally preserving your old family photos, you gain several advantages of having the digital photo copies over your old pictures and albums:

  • Having all of the digital photos on one disk or usb makes it easy for you to put it into the computer and edit your old photographs.
  • If you have a digital picture frame, or computer monitor, you can continuously view them whenever you want.
  • If you have digital pictures, you don't have to worry about something happening to your actual pictures or photo albums because you have the digital photos copy.
  • You can have copies of digital photos in a safe deposit box to ensure nothing happens to the old photographs.

Having Your Family Photos Preserved is Having Piece of Mind. Knowing that if there ever is a fire, flood, or other type of emergency evacuation, you can quickly grab the picture frame on your way out and have all of your images with you in a single moment.

I cannot imagine losing all of my photos in a fire, tornado, or hurricane. My picture frame is close to the door so there is very little chance I'll lose them. I can easily grab them on my way out, if needed. We recommend having 2 copies, for your peace of mind, in case something happens.

Scan Old Photographs to Preserve Them

Have you ever asked "Where Can I Scan My Family Photos?" or "What's the Best Way to Preserve Our Old Pictures?" If you have, we can help ... We will quickly and safely digitize your old photographs for you!

Our Photo Scanning Services started as a way to preserve precious family memories. We couldn't find any place that would do this for us without a huge cost and I didn't have the time or energy to hand-scan thousands of family photos one-by-one. So, we made the initial investment on some powerful high-quality, professional photo scanning equipment.

My original goal was to scrapbook all of our family photos but I could never find the time. So, considering my sons are 20 and 19 now, and I only had gotten the pages scrapbooked up until my second son was born, I knew (at this pace) I was never going to get it done.

When digital photo frames first came out, I thought they were a great idea but the picture screens were so small. Then, the larger 8" x 10" digital photo frames started coming out so I bought one - and never looked back since! The price of digital picture picture frames have become so cheap over the years that we now own several.

Digital Picture Frames are Fun to Look At!

As you watch the digital picture frame rotate through the digital photographs, it's almost like watching a video because as you view each photo, you remember how much fun everyone was having in that one picture moment.

Our Professional Photo-Scanning Equipment

We didn't initially intend to purchase professional digital photo scanning equipment. However, after wasting much time and money on what we thought would originally work (the best photo scanners and scanning software), we gave up. We soon found out that, if the equipment was really good, it took a great deal of time for us to hand-scan each picture. If we wanted quick, there was nothing that would give us good results ... until ... we finally ended up investing in a high-quality professional photo scanning equipment.

But, before we made this huge investment, we decided to try sending our own family photos to a photo scanning service company. It was a larger, well-known company so we thought we could trust their work. Let's be honest here ... our pictures were not perfect, most of them were taken before the digital camera craze era, but we at least wanted to end up with the same quality of image that our photos looked. We knew that we couldn't scan them to look better than the originals.

The company that we sent our photos to gave us very basic scanning services ... we didn't get any of the editing done because I knew I could do my own editing, when I had the time - and I knew I would take more care and I knew exactly how each photo should look. So, as a trial, we sent some of our photos in to this photo scanning services company and we got them back ... about 6 weeks later. The time wasn't bad, for what I thought we would be getting. The price was extremely outrageous for what we got back ... None of the photos were clear. The amount of time that we waited for such low quality digital pictures was ridiculous.

And, I was back to the beginning ... I still wanted my photos scanned ... and I didn't mean I wanted them just scanned and digitized but I wanted them to look GOOD! Like I said, my photos weren't perfect from the start so I wasn't expecting perfect digital pictures ... but I did want them to (at least) look like the photographs so that I could edit them to enhance them to make them look better. Photo-editing software can work wonders to improve the quality of a digitally scanned photograph! Unfortunately, the digital pictures that I had gotten back (from the 'professional photo scanning service') were simply unusable.

Since I waited so long to do anything with my old photographs, I was already seeing my pictures start to fade and become not as clear as they once were. So, this turned into an urgent matter for me. I didn't want to waste any more time sending my photos in to another digital photo scanning service that really didn't care about my pictures or about how they turned out ... so, I started shopping around for a professional digital scanner (one that could take normal photographs and give me the best picture quality to work with).

The digital printer scanners on the market were not good. I bought one of the best picture/photograph scanners around for a price but it turned out to be a huge headache - the scan time was horrible (averaging about 2 minutes per scan - definitely NOT what the manufacturer stated when I bought it), the quality was ok but the software was a nightmare and getting the final scanned digital photos on to my computer, typically, took around 20 minutes each time for each photo.

There was only one step up from what I already had ... so, I invested $3000.00+ and bought the king of all picture and photograph scanners. I am very happy with the new digital photos that I have scanned from my old pictures!

Photo Scanning Testimonials

"Thank you so much for an excellent job on our pictures!" ~ Cindy S., Iowa