Search Engine Submissions

If your website already has search engine optimization implemented within the website pages, then you should focus on search engine submissions.

The difference between the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Submissions is that the optimization is what helps your website to get found (naturally) by the search engine 'crawlers'. By implementing the Search Engine Optimization Techniques on your website, it will give the search engine crawlers ways to find your website information. Unfortunately, sitting back and waiting for the spiders to crawl your website may take a months to get found (naturally) on the internet.

Search Engine Submissions is when we go directly to the search engines and tell them that you have a website and you want your website indexed (listed). This will get your website listed very quickly (usually a day or two as a maximum). As a result, if we submit your website to the search engines directly, your website will have better results in the searches and your business will get found quicker by potential customers.

Hunter Creative Group provides both of these services for our website clients. We want your website to be found quickly so we use both search engine methods to get your website noticed by the search engines quickly.

We, also, recommend that you take the time to submit your website to website directories (after we finish the initial optimization and submission services). If you submit your website to related web directories (that complement your website), your website will only continue to grow stronger in the searches ... and your website will climb higher in the search engine listings.

If you cannot do this for your website, then we recommend you hire a website specialist that can effectively do this for you.

If you are interested in more than just the initial search engine optimization and search engine submissions, Contact Us ... Our prices are very affordable and you will see results!