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Our search engine optimization services will help you get targeted website traffic so that you have the opportunity for higher sales.

The Proof is in Our Website Results

We specialize in taking websites that aren't easily found in the search engine results and we get them ranked within the first few pages of the search results for the keywords that they request! Ask any of our website clients or read our Testimonials from our Search Engine Optimization Services!

Let us show you what our search engine optimization skills can do for your website - and your business! Read about the drastic Search Engine Optimization Benefits that one of our website clients' experienced after we created their new website.

Hunter Creative Group was an accredited business of the Better Business Bureau from 2010 to 2016. While we have let our membership lapse, our commitment to excellence still stands and our record speaks for itself. You can see our A+ Rating on the Better Business Bureau's website.

Website Client Experience: A Physician's Experience

Prior to hiring Hunter Creative Group, one of our professional clients was consistently paying $1,000.00 each month in online advertising costs with Google Ads to try and gain new customers. This is not uncommon since most people want to be at the top of the search results and are willing to pay because they think it will get them there. However, what most people don't realize is that online advertising campaigns do not help to improve your website rank in the search engine results.

When this website owner contacted us, we researched his current website and told him what could be done to increase the website traffic. We were hired on the spot.

Within the first two months of creating his new custom website, and using our initial search engine optimization techniques implemented throughout the entire design process, this client was then able to come up naturally on the first and second pages of the search results in a heavily targeted area. So, he cancelled his online advertising campaigns and has been getting new targeted traffic ... without paying the large monthly advertising fees!

Here is where we need to state the disclaimer ... When checking out web designers and search engine optimization experts, you should be aware that if anyone promises they will put you in the #1 position, you should run the other way because no one can guarantee results for any website. Your search engine ranking can only be secured by the search engines and their algorithym. And, it could take up to 9-12 months for the full effects of any website optimization to be seen. However, with that said, we have never had results take more than 2 months before changes were starting to be seen in the search engine rankings. In our experience, it typically takes around a month before you will start seeing some results.